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ITS HERE!! Sorry for the late review but the crew have been taking a break over the holidays.

This is a good game. Mario runs automatically and he pole-vaults over obstacles and small enemies. The game requires skill and tactics. In levels you collect purple coins that require tactics to reach. when you collect all the coins you get some toad rally tickets (Explained Further Down) and the coins move location. There are three different coin locations for each level.

Toad rally tickets are used to play online against other people in a RUN OFF. A run off is where you run a level while doing as many tricks and stunts as possible and collect as many coins as possible. When you do stunts you impress toads and the more you impress the better. The person with the most coins and toads together win and get all of the other persons toads that they impressed.

The toads are used in your toad village where you can build and upgrade houses and landscapes to attract more toads.

The downside of the game is that on the story or ‘tour’ mode you have to save princess peach. But the the six worlds each have only three levels and a bowser castle and after the first three levels to play the bowser castle and the rest of the worlds you have to pay £8.99. This is disappointing but the app is free to download and toad rally games are free as long as you have tickets.

My personal rating is 3 stars and the public rating is 3.5 stars due to the fact you have to pay to continue the game.

Here is a link to the download:

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Planet Of Heroes – Upcoming Games

Image result for planet of heroesThis is a simple strategy game where there are a series of characters that are the heroes and the aim of the game is to battle against other people to stop a immeasurable mount of power locked away fro waking up and destroying the universe. The power is kept asleep by rage, blood, battles happening nearby and the thrill of victory (there is no gore in the game). From where the ‘power’ is kept there is a nearby stadium that has battles happening all the time constantly to fulfill the items that are needed to keep the ‘power’ asleep.

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The game is all about strategy but despite its name ,as far as i have researched, there is not many things to do with being a hero but that can all change as it is due sometime in 2017.

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Upcoming Games: Hello Neighbor

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Hello neighbor is a game coming in Summer of 2017. The general plot is: You’ve moved into a new neighborhood and the neighbor opposite you has a large house filled with dark secrets. you must break in, try to find out about his secrets and not get caught. If you get caught the AI (the neighbor) is harder to avoid thus making it harder to get iImage result for hello neighbour gamento the basement.

This game has been applauded for having very, very good AI filling you with adrenaline at every turn. Whilst you are inside the neighbor’s house you must constantly distract him with TVs, tomatoes and more. No matter where you go, if the neighbor sees you, he will in a way to catch you – hence the amazing AI. This game has the most advanced path finding algorithms seen in gaming today and if you want to play the alpha is out now.

The only way to win is to get to a 1v1 fight with the neighbor once you have solve all the puzzles in the house and lured the neighbor to a certain area. Anything other than this will end up in the neighbor catching you when you find the exit.

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NBA 2K17- A new installment of a popular series

NBA 2K17 is a new installment to the popular series. It is about basketball. It costs £55 as a download. It comes after a record breaking launch if NBA 2K16.

It claims to be the most authentic sporting game. The graphics are
Image result for NBA 2K17amazing, in my opinion better than other games life FIFA 17 (I reviewed FIFA 17 before on the blog).

Getting to the review itself. NBA 2K17 has the same basis to every game of the series. Play basketball! There is “MyCareer” where you shape your career as a virtual basketball player.

Like all sport series games, the developers do little “tweaks” to the games. SoImage result for NBA 2K17me times good, sometimes bad. Their tweaks seem to have helped the game. Something to mention is that they tweaked their shooting mechanism. Some people like this, some people hate it.

The idea of having pace is so important to win games. You need to also have accuracy.

Finally, the online version of the game seems good. You may get some lag here and there. Least it is better than FIFA.

In my opinion, NBA 2K17 seems to be another good instalImage result for NBA 2K17lment. I do think the game is very expensive though. You also need to buy coins to expand even more. Some of the main improvements have worked well.

I think if you enjoy basketball, you should definitely buy it for yourself.

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img_1465-3 is a game a bit like You have to go around and crash into yourself to grow and become the biggest. It is an online game that you can play with many other people and you be the best of all time. In the top left corner you see a bar showing the percentage of the area that your color fills. On the top right there is a leader board that you are ranked in when you grow bigger. You are ranked on the board according to how much of the area you color covers. img_1466-3The game strangely does not require WI-FI but works offline in the same way.

This is an amazing game and fun to play. More updates will come making it possible to have textures on your colour and play directly online with friends and private servers.

Th public rating is 3.5 stars and my personal rating is 4.5 stars.

Here is a link to the download

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Plants Vs. Zombies: A Garden Defense Game

Plants Vs. Zombies is, in some cases, regarded as one of the best indie games of the 2010’s. The basic aim of the game is to stop the zombies getting through the plants you place down on your lawn to your house. Image result for plants vs zombies sunflower png

Image result for plants vs zombies peashooter pngThe currency of this game is sun. Sun falls naturally from the sky or you can place down a sunflower plant for extra sun. The sunflower plant will not defend your lawn, however, so you should protect your lawn with pea shooters.

There are various other plants that you can place down in certain circumstances. For example, in night stages mushrooms will be awake so you can use them instead of the normal plants.

The plants you can place down:Image result for plants vs zombies almanac

Gameplay of Plants Vs. ZombiesImage result for plants vs zombies

Overall I think this is a great game and will be played for a very long time. The plants you can place down are very creative and the game-play is addictive and fun.

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Forza Motorsport 6 – An Xbox One/ PC Game

FImage result for ride 2 xbox oneorza Motorsport 6 is a racing video game. You can get Forza for around £30. You can drive over 450 cars, all licenced and play in REAL tracks. You play in “breathtaking” graphics (to be fair the graphics are great). You can play in real conditions and at night.

You can play in many views like 1st person or 3rd version too. Since all the cars are licenced, it has a real steering wheel and ‘cockpit’.

You can fully customize your cars and play with your friends on Xbox Li20843926235_5711a63941_bve. On Forza, there is something called “driveatar”. This is a single player version of yourself, which try’s to mimic your driving style.

Off Forza, there is many forums to give you driving tips and you can even earn coins so you can buy your dream virtual car! It is an ever growing community of car lovers.

In my opinion, I like this game. It gives you a great level of realism, good graphics and most importantly, yoimages-8u can customize everything! I don’t think this franchise will ever go.

If you are a car fanatic and you want to drive the best cars, get this!


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Upcoming App Games – The Snack world

Image result for the snack world gameThis game is all about strategy. The main character is Chup /\ and the aim of the game is to travel with his friends. The game is set in a fantasy setting with weapon shops and inns but there are modern things dotted about like corner stores vending machines and cafes (Food are used as power ups and health packs). The game is a bit like yo-Kai watch with Hyper casual fantasy. The aim of the game has not yet been revealed clearly. I will update the post when the aim of the game is clear.

The release date is due to be the April 2017

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